Getting Started


Understanding and setting expectations for RV’ing is of paramount importance. Click here to learn more about understanding and then ultimately setting realistic expectations.


Purchasing an RV is very risky. First step before you buy an RV is to understand the Risk of buying an RV.


Really there are two types of RV’s according to the state of Texas. These are either Motorhome (MH) or Towable (TR). Here is an Article that covers the differences in use between a Motorhome and a Towable RV.

Top Issues

Given the risk we have created an article that covers the top issues you want to be aware of before you go buy your next RV. Top issues of an RV.


Buying an RV that fits your budget but not your intended use is pointless. Click here to learn more about RV Types by use.


Whether you finance or pay cash there are more costs than just the purchase price. This article discusses additional costs after you purchase.

Finance or Purchase Cash

This is an important question.  The Best RV to purchase isn’t always the cheapest. See the Risk section above for more details. Please read this article for our thoughts on to Finance or Purchase cash.

To inspect or not inspect?

I don’t think there is any question that each RV should be inspected prior to purchase. The problem is that RV inspectors are not held to the same standards as Home inspectors. Learn more about RV Inspection here.

RV Warranty

RV Warranties are not cheap but then again RV repairs are not cheap.  Not all warranties are the same. Learn More about RV warranties here:


RV buying is tough and time consuming for both the buyer and the seller. We help you ask the right questions, look at the right things and offer the right amount. We can’t eliminate the risk but we can help you mitigate it. Click here to learn more about our process!