Slide Outs

Slide-Outs / Bump Outs / Pop Outs can provide that apartment type space in a vehicle that you drive down the road. Im fairly certain that my motorhome has triple the square footage than my first “efficiency” apartment. All thanks to a full wall slide. I find it to an engineering marvel. There are two primary makers of Slide-Outs.

  1. HWH
  2. Power Gear

Usually the same manufacturer who makes the leveling system is also the maker of the slide-out. When I say maker of the slide-out they are the company that provides the mechanism for moving the room in and out. The RV manufacturer is the one who adds the walls, couches, beds, windows, etc…

The following are must read articles for the buyers guide:

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 Questions to ask before you go see the RV List of Items to bring when you view the RV Questions and information to request from the seller Worksheet to calculate…


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Slide-outs The slide-out should be able to extend and retract easily. There is a rubber, usually black, seal that runs along the opening for the slide in the side of…

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March 12, 2017