RV Buying 101

1.) Research and Preparation

This is a list of articles that walks you though the risk, RV types, Top Issues, Warranties, etc… This page is here to help you get started with RV’ing by helping you through the buying process. Click here to review.

2.) Searching for your next RV

  • Narrow list of RV’s
  • Purchase from individual or dealer
  • Pre-Qualify the RV aka the time saver

3.) Initial Inspection

  • What to bring?
  • What to ask?
  • How to prepare?
  • How to document?
  • Videos on looking for damage with roof, sidewalls, water damage, electrical, slide-outs, tires, awnings, etc…..

4.) Purchasing the RV

  • Gather costs
  • Compute asking price
  • Make the offer and provide asking price worksheet

5.) Welcome to the RV Community

  • Register / Transfer warranty / title
  • Clubs
  • Social Media Groups
  • Getting Involved

6.) List of Must Haves for your new RV

  • Get new water hoses
  • Get new sewer lines
  • Click here to get a full list of Must Have’s for your new RV

6.) Go Camp locally

  • Setup at your house / camp locally
  • Organize your paperwork
  • Buy additional items necessary and just wanted