The Tires of your RV whether they are on Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Class A, Class B, etc… are one of the most important part of the RV. Most RV Tires will not wear out they will age out. Generally you want to switch them every seven year. Its important to know the DOT code off each of your tires. This the Week and Year the tire was made.

As in the following 0117 is January (01) of 2017.

The following are must read articles for the buyers guide:

Steering System

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Steering System The steering system consists of the following: Steering wheel – Should look to be in good condition. Ball Joints (Upper and Lower) – Should have boots attached (Tires should be…


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Tires These are one of the most important part of the RV whether towable or driveable. They are also quite expensive to replace and as such are not replaced as often as…