Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning in an RV (What a miraculous concept)

Most RV’s are poorly designed for air flow. They are expecting you to use the Roof Top or basement (they do exist) Air Conditioning System. These system actually require two different power sources

  1. 12 Volt is required to run the thermostat on the wall (Not all RV’s have a thermostat some have manual controls)
  2. 120 Volt is required to run the Air Conditioner Fan and Compressor

So what does that tell you. That tells you that your A/C is not going to work if you don’t have your batteries turned on or fully charged. It also won’t operate if you are not plugged into atleast 30 AMP of 120 Volt Power aka Shore Power. This could be to a generator or an RV plug. Don’t try to run the A/C off of regular extension cord plug into your house.

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Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning

March 12, 2017

Air Conditioning